Wrapper around makeblastdb to format blast databases for use with RepeatModeler.

Program parameters

-name <database name>
    The name of the database to create.

-engine <engine name>
    The name of the search engine we are using. I.e abblast/wublast or
    ncbi (rmblast version).

-dir <directory>
    The name of a directory containing fasta files to be processed. The
    files are recognized by their suffix. Only *.fa and *.fasta files
    are processed.

-batch <file>
    The name of a file which contains the names of fasta files to
    process. The files names are listed one per line and should be fully

Typical usage

/exports/software/repeatmodeler/RepeatModeler/BuildDatabase -engine ncbi -name mydb seq.fa

Gridengine wrapper

See RepeatModeler.